Joy Pigment

Joy Pigment

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Joy Pigment is the color we LOVE to envision during the hot summer nights - neon barbie pink.

Want to make a neon red? Cure 1 layer of Magpie Bella Rouge or Magpie Watermelony. Mix Magpie Give Me Strength with Joy Pigment and apply 1 layer over the cured color, cure for 60 seconds. Grab a pair of sunglasses and a pineapple drink with an umbrella... 

Magpie Neon Pigments are going to knock your socks off during the summer months! Basic application methods:

  • Rub the dry powder into the tacky layer of gel using the Magpie Teal Detailer brush
  • Mix pigment with Magpie Give Me Strength to create custom colors
  • Mix pigments into Magpie Plain Jane to create custom pastel colors

The possibilities are truly endless! There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube showing different nail art ideas with pigments. You're welcome :) 

Includes 3g pigment

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