Kitty - Holographic Cat Eye Dust

Kitty - Holographic Cat Eye Dust

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TO USE: We recommend mixing the dust with Magpie GIVE ME STRENGTH. Mix approximately 5% dust to 95% gel. You can add more or less dust for your desired look. Less for a subtle translucent effect which will look great over any gel colour base. Alternatively add more dust for a full coverage effect. Paint onto the nail using a gel brush, place a magnet over the uncured mix to move the particles and create a stunning cat eye effect. Cure and top coat to finish.

TIP: To create coloured cat eye try mixing with Magpie Jellies or add a touch of colour by adding a smaller amount of Magpie Jellie to your GIVE ME STRENTH mix. Have a play and add other dusts and glitters to your custom mix. The possibilities really are endless.

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Premium grade dust

***Please note KITTY is 0.7g in a 4g jar, she does not fill the jar.***

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