Festive Flakes

Festive Flakes


      The Festive Flakes collection includes:

      • Arthur
      • Buddy
      • Jack
      • Joseph
      • Kris
      • Rudy


      * Apply your base colour of choice and cure.

      * Using your Magpie Glitter Detailer or Applicator Brush pick up product and dab into the tacky inhibition layer.

      * Dust away and excess powder using our DUSTER BRUSH, ensuring the flake particles are flat.

      * Apply a layer of Magpie GIVE ME STRENGTH, this makes sure the flakes are fully encapsulated (don't forget to seal the free edge) and cure.

      * Finish with a layer of your favourite TOP COAT.

      VOILA - sit back and enjoy your super stunning flake finish dazzling manicure.

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